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Who We Are ?

EcoMake distributes an extensive range of eco-friendly packaging and commercial cleaning supplies that are both premium in quality and affordable in price. As an environmentally responsible packaging supplier, we have the expertise and sustainable packaging supplies to help you keep track of and reduce your carbon footprint. Our extensive sustainable packaging range offers an eco-friendly alternative to your current packaging, helping you meet your environmental packaging responsibilities. We source and deliver reliable packaging solutions for produce, ambient, chilled and frozen convenience food markets, confectionery and snacks.

Ecomake is also a countrywide distributor of cleaning supplies from reputed, ecologically-minded brands. We cater to many cleaning needs through our extensive range of commercial, industrial, hospitality, transport, workshop and dairy cleaning products.

Our Vision

To bring a new culture of sustainability-oriented consumer behaviour that protects the ecosystem using quality-assured, eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging solutions. We are committed to providing the best solutions for all packaging solutions.

Humans are responsible for the current state of the environment, and it’s upon everyone to avert a climate disaster for future generations. We want to do our part and emerge as an influential voice driving sustainable cleaning practices in homes, offices and factories.

Our Mission

To reach into every organisation from small to big,  the home to business, individuals to the community, and encourage to use premium eco-friendly food packaging solutions, and to be the best supplier of biodegradable packing solutions in New Zealand.

If you don’t use our eco-friendly chemicals, how will you know? We’re on a mission to place eco-friendly cleaning supplies in every home and business in the country. Though the products we distribute speak for themselves, they require vigorous promotion for the sake of humanity. And we’re up to the job!

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