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Sizes Available: 5L | 20L | 200L | 1000L IBC

Mammoth is heavy duty cleaner and degreaser designed to clean a wide range of surfaces. Mammoth may be used undiluted on concrete floors and other areas around the workshop depending on how bed the soiling is. Mammoth is a concentrated water-based degreasers.

‘The alkalinity and surfactants loosen and remove stubborn dirt and grime. Water-soluble solvents dissolve grease and grime.

*Concentrated formulation mixes with water, reducing usage costs.


For heavy-duty cleaning, use 1 part Mammoth Degreaser to 4 parts of water. Spray under the bonnet, guards, Engines, and wheels, then blast off.

For general-purpose cleaning use 1 part Mammoth Degreaser to 10 parts of water. Spray diluted produce onto the surface and wipe with a cloth or sponge. Ensure the surface is dry of any product by wiping with a dry towel once completed.

For light duty cleaning use 1 part Mammoth Degreaser to 15 parts water.

Mammoth Degreaser should be used with care. Do not allow it to dry as it causes streaking on paint work. Gloves and goggles are recommended.


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5L, 20L


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