255ml / 8oz (80mm) Aqueous Double Wall BioCup

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8oz Aqueous Double Wall BioCups are manufactured using an unique water based barrier coating. They are certified industrially compostable to European standards (EN13432) and will soon be certified to Australian standards (AS4736). These eco-friendly paper cups are carbon neutral and 5% of profits are donated to positive change.

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  • Brim full capacity: 8oz (256ml)
  • Diameter top: 80mm
  • Product dimensions: 80 x 80 x 95mm
  • Paper weight: 553gsm
  • Pieces per carton: 1000
  • Pieces per sleeve: 50
  • Carton dimensions: 41 x 35 x 61cm
  • Carton total weight: 12.84kg
  • Manufactured: Taiwan

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